Cover art for Home Alone

Home Alone

Composer: Pawel Osmolski

Date: 2003-11-29

Notes: Tuning: Capo on 1st fret

Home Alone - Acoustic

I'm home alone
Staring at the wall
I feel so confused
Worried and so deep
Maybe I'm a freak
Nothing ever has a shape

Do I wanna stay?
Do I wanna go?
Alone, withered, without you

I've found a straw
Amidst all torture and hate
It stands so alone
And cries
Flowered from a tear
Everything in fear
Nothing ever has a path

I dunno know where this leads
I dunno know where to go
Alone, withered, without you
(2x repeat)

This arts a cage
Followed down into
A place that's lost in lies
Looking at the sky
Flicker that reminds
A man of what he is
A stray, a stray

I can't see the road
I can't see the street
I can't see the light, I've lost you
(2x repeat into Oooohh's)
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Can't Climb This Well

Patriarch of Us gives me goosebumps.. such a haunting piece of music"

said Julianna

Fantastic collection of songs"

said Wintermute

Beautiful tunes and charming vocals!"

said Slowpoke

WOOT! <3 teh muziks"

said Marager

Torn In Two is something else. I can't stop listening to it"

said Eliza