Cover art for A World at Sea

A World at Sea

Composer: Pawel Osmolski

Date: 2005-08-02

Notes: Tuning: Capo on 3rd Fret

I'll know you anywhere
You keep making star appearances
Every time I dream x2

Enough to relieve the war inside
And I know that you'll remember me
Every time you sleep x2

When you step on the rails
I'll cut the tracks
And when I'm late through I fail
Then you're gone again

We'll hold the world today
Spin it on our stained axis
And for once we're safe x2
Cover art for Jobian (Joebean)

Jobian (Joebean)

Patriarch of Us gives me goosebumps.. such a haunting piece of music"

said Julianna

Fantastic collection of songs"

said Wintermute

Beautiful tunes and charming vocals!"

said Slowpoke

WOOT! <3 teh muziks"

said Marager

Torn In Two is something else. I can't stop listening to it"

said Eliza