Cover art for Angelus Rings

Angelus Rings

Composer: Pawel Osmolski

Date: 2006-02-11

Notes: Tuning: Capo on 3rd Fret EAC#GBE

Angelus Rings - Acoustic

I'm in the town that speaks when they plough the roads
And the dull tone of the church bells singing
Love hearts and letters you have sent to me
But I'm not allowed to open the seams
Wake up and it'll all go away

We've lived in water down without a light
And beneath the whirlpool closed eyes sleeping
Without a reason you can't seem to say the words
That life is really not that absurd
Wake up and it'll all go away
Cover art for Weary (Velvet Lit Eyes)

Weary (Velvet Lit Eyes)

Patriarch of Us gives me goosebumps.. such a haunting piece of music"

said Julianna

Fantastic collection of songs"

said Wintermute

Beautiful tunes and charming vocals!"

said Slowpoke

WOOT! <3 teh muziks"

said Marager

Torn In Two is something else. I can't stop listening to it"

said Eliza