Cover art for Abscond


Composer: Pawel Osmolski

Date: 2009-03-27

Notes: Tuning: Capo on 2nd Fret. This song is defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood. A tribute to Vincent van Gogh.

Abscond - Acoustic [download mp3]

I'm woken with a pinch to the skin
With dry eyes and morning hair
The first thought is always the same
How will I pass the day away

The constant anxiety
And irrationality can seem
To push mixed episodes in me
A certain slightly stupid girl

I don't want to make you worry now
Stuck with inadaquate use of tongue
Neurotic superego pushing inside
Until I've bowled down the highway

(Feeling you, feeling me, feeling new)
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Home Alone

Patriarch of Us gives me goosebumps.. such a haunting piece of music"

said Julianna

Fantastic collection of songs"

said Wintermute

Beautiful tunes and charming vocals!"

said Slowpoke

WOOT! <3 teh muziks"

said Marager

Torn In Two is something else. I can't stop listening to it"

said Eliza