Edges of My Lips

Composer: Pawel Osmolski

Date: 2009-06-18

Notes: Tuning: Capo on 3rd Fret EADGbBE

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Edges of My Lips - Rough demo [download mp3]

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Edges of My Lips - Acoustic

I jumped into a hole in the ground
the biggest hole I've ever seen
straight after cutting into stone

It felt prodigious to be
sucked into wishing to be free
waiting for a new excuse to open up and scream

How can you miss out on the chance to fall into your lovers arms,
and break through the frozen ice above your head, I don't know

Dark gathering clouds above you
emaciated will and empty tears
after reading empty words

You attenuate my placid eyes
you burn away the edges of my lips
to draw my portrait into rust
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